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Sunday, 8 November 2015

HGBF 1/144 Dom R35

Down the rabbit hole i go. After my first real build with Barbatos i'm smitten with the blue beauty that is Dom R35. Unfortunately i've never watched the Build Fighters series so i have no idea what's the back story behind this figure is... but hey, that hasn't stop anyone before right?

I love the blue on this figure, it's simple but eye catching at the same time.  Unlike conventional Dom designs which are more curved and simple, Dom  R35 features a lot more panels and details making it look more layered and bulky.

Dom R35 here comes with his signature multipurpose shields mounted on each arm. They're a bit cumbersome since they limits the posing but they look great on him.

Dom R35 also features articulated eye under the head which is great. Speaking of head, i love the crest!

His skirt thrusters are articulated and can be extended, but since i've not watched the series, i have no idea what they're for... The shin thrusters are also articulated.

The shields have 3 modes, shield mode, knuckle mode and gun mode.

For a bulky mecha like Dom here, he's pretty articulated. Though i wish the ankle swivel are much deeper, it's pretty tough to keep him balanced since his feet can't be planted firmly. So it's pretty much stuck to a stand most of the time.

I love the design on this guy. He's abit more pricy than Barbatos and keeping him balanced is a chore, but damn, he looks good. Now i just gotta learn how to clean the nubs off my kits and i'm all set.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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