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Friday, 4 July 2014

Transformers Generations Legends Class Groundbuster and Autobot Tailgate

After the fantastic Cosmos and the cool Skrapnel, how does this little fan favourite Autobot stack up? ...Meh. Tailgate here is based on his IDW comic appearance, unfortunately though, I don't really read much of the IDW comics. From what i can gather, Tailgate was an older generation waste disposal cybertronian worker that was stranded. Hot Rod's crew finally found him and he decided to lie about pretty much who he was. He bonded with Cyclonus which was pretty cute and pathetic at same time.

Anyway, Tailgate turns into a muscle car which looks pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of Kitt from Knightrider.

His little pal is Groundbuster which turns into a bomb disposal loader, which looks servicable i guess. Not much to say bout him.

Robot wise, Tailgate is kinda disappointing.  There's no critical flaw with it, but it's the little things that bring him down. His car roof turns into his entire back and looks bad, it would have been better if it folds up at the bottom. His elbows are difficult to maneuver because the elbow edges constantly rub against each other. His shoulders look awkward just floating there.

Articulation wise, he's pretty basic. He does have minimal head swivel but it's fairly useless.

Groundbuster's robot mode is just his alt form standing up... so yea...

His weapon mode is somehow even worse, it's a claw...grabby... thing. In the storage it goes.

As flawed as he is, i find him endearing. My favorite thing about him is probably the beautiful blue. There's really not much to say bout him, if you like the character, you'll probably find him appropriate. If you're looking for something worth while, you could skip this, you won't be missing much.
Anyway thanks for viewing.

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  1. I was gonna skip importing this guy, then you posted that adorable final picture.