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Monday, 19 January 2015

Transformers Generations Legends Class Venin and Acid Storm

It was only a matter of time for Hasbro to cash in with repaints of the legends Starscream. The surprising twist though, is that they decided to make a Rainmaker instead of the more well known seekers. Not that i would complain, Acid Storm is one of my favorite repaints, mainly due to his eye searing green colour scheme.

I don't have the legends Starscream nor the new legends Thundercracker so this is my first proper introduction to the new legends seeker mold. And i love it!

His little partner is Venin which is just a repaint of the Waspinator partnered with the legends Starscream. Soft rubbery plastic makes it a pretty flimsy and crappy thing, moving on.

Acid Storm's alt mode is a pretty sweet looking jet. Although if you look at it from the bottom, there's no attempt to hide his bot mode whatsoever. He also has a tiny landing gear that's foldable.

Based on Guido Guidi's seeker design for IDW, Acid Storm is fantastic! I love the proportions on
this mold, it's a tad beefy for the seekers, but it's just looks so good. And the head, for such a tiny toy, is killer! Accurate to the G1 cartoons, Acid Storms have a pair of detachable nullray cannons that attaches to his upper arms (how Starscream and the seekers aim with their upper arms is beyond me). He can also dual wield them like a pair of pistols.

Venin's bot mode is even worse than his alt mode.

He also transforms into a crappier weapon. MOVING. ON.

Articulations on this guy is great thanks to plenty of balljoints. His heels are also articulated thanks to swivels used for his transformation, this is how Windblade's heels should be. Though i find myself missing a simple head swivel.

If Hasbro should decide to release more repaint of this mold, i'll buying them without hesitation. It's well made, looks good and cheap enough for army building. Guess i'll go get the Starscream and Thundercracker ones next.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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  1. That rubbery plastic used on Venom kills that figure.