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Monday, 26 January 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Legends Class Bombshell

These new legends Hasbro have been pushing out are just so much fun! Combiner Wars have finally reached Malaysia and though i'm not big on combiners, the legends are must gets for me. Thundercracker, Powerglide and  BOMBSHELL!!! It's such a pleasant surprise that Hasbro actually released 2 insecticons in the same scale and line. I just hope Kickback will be made as well. Anyway, Bombshell!

It's such a cute little bug mode. A stout, round looking rhino beetle, it's just totally adorable! Like Skrapnel, he draws heavily on his G1 incarnation with a primary purple and black colour scheme and a dash of red and yellow. Unfortunately for Bombshell, he's a tad undersized compared to Skrapnel in his alt mode and the purple and yellow paint doesn't match, though it's they're much better on Bombshell.

Bombshell looks pretty close to his G1 design in his bot mode as well. He looks cool and all but i'm kinda iffy on those hands and gun knees(the ones on Cosmos wasn't as large and obtrusive). But otherwise, he looks pretty cool.

Broad chest, big megaman feet, and that cool looking knight headsculpt makes Bombshell is totally rocking the G1 look. He also has a sculpted back which is a nice touch.

Articulations on this guy is great thanks mainly to the balljoints. And thanks to  his big feet, balance is no issue for this guy. He's also on of those rare transformers with waist swivel, but still no head swivel which is a damn shame.

He stands a bit taller than Skrapnel in this mode which is nice. I also like that he manages to hide his insect legs better than Skrapnel.

So Thrilling 30 legends introduced little targetmasters for the main figures, but in Combiner Wars, they've actually scrapped that idea. Instead, they introduce a third weapon mode for the figures. So, here's Bombshell's weapon mode which is some kind of double barreled gun? Not bad.

With the increased price of transformers, is Bombshell worth it? To me, he is. It's a cool looking little transformer with a solid robot mode and a even better looking alt mode. Let's just hope Hasbro won't troll us and actually let us complete the insecticons this time.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. These guys look great!I wish they would have used vac metal for the antennas.I would prefer the vintage versions but these are very tempting.

    1. They're cheap and a good update to the vintage version, quite worth it.
      Just hope Hasbro will get to Kickback next

  2. Now only a legends class Kickback remains to be made.

    1. I'm praying to the Toy God with all my might