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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

66 action Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball was a big big part of my childhood when anime and manga wasn't as exposed and over saturated. I remember all those times i waited eagerly for the next volume of manga to be released, sitting in front of the TV waiting for the show to start. Good times. Anyway with the new movies coming out, Bandai and the rest of Japan seems to be pushing Dragon Ball merch pretty hard recently. And i just happened to have 1 of them, the 66 Action Dragon Ball Z Kai box!

I'm a sucker for little desk toys especially if they're articulated and cheap. These little Dragon Ball figures hit all the right notes for me. Goku is in his first Super Saiyan form and his orange gi. His face sculpt is pretty good but his hair is probably the most soft sculpted one, bummer.

Since the No More figures, Bandai have implemented shoulder swivels which helps with the posing. Little Goku here can do pretty much any pose you want him to.

Like all 66 Action figures, the Dragon Ball ones have extra hands as well. But it seems that Bandai has abandoned the previous stands from the Kamen Rider Box 4 and opted for the older, blockier ones. I don't know which type i like more though.

It seems that the theme here is father and son set, so next up is Gohan. He's basically a Goku body with a new head, which by the way, is pretty cool. Also, i forgot to mention in Goku, but the DBZ figures have a deeper cut shoulder to allow more range of movement. It looks weird from certain angles especially on Goku and Gohan.

I find Gohan's head much nicer compared to Goku, probably because the hair sculpt isn't as soft.

Same as before 2 extra pair of hands and a stand.

Next up is Vegeta, which is probably the best looking one of the bunch. He comes in his battle armor, which is lacking the paint on the shoulder parts but it's hardly noticeable considering how awesome he looks.

Like Goku and Gohan, he comes with 2 extra pair of hands but unlike the 2, he comes with a white stand instead.

And of course to top the father son theme is Trunks. He's Vegeta with a different head, but i would have prefer to have him in his casual clothes. That outfit was awesome.

All in all, like the previous kamen rider boxes, these are pretty awesome. I really like that Bandai are doing other franchises besides Kamen Rider, hope they'll make more classic anime figures next!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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