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Monday, 14 July 2014

Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Strafe

So i watched TF4 AOE and i thought it was probably the best of the Bayformer movies. With actually likeable main character (Marky Mark), more focus of the robots, less crass humour, and less military gushing, it's pretty enjoyable. But while the dinobots were hyped so much, their actual appearance were pretty small, probably 10 minutes-ish. Though whenever they appeared, they rocked the screens. So i finally got out of my way to buy another addition to the movie dinobot cast, the blue 2 headed Strafe!

Strafe's blue just pops! With gradual silver to blue, the paint on him maybe the best one among the dinobots. I have no idea why they wanted a 2 headed pterodactyl, but i gotta admit it's pretty cool looking.

While he looks passable in his alt mode, bot mode is where Strafe shines. He certainly looks the best among the AOE dinobots.

Articulations are pretty similar with the rest of his dinobots, though i wish he had wrist swivels. That would have really made him perfect. But his wings, i just love it! It's simple yet effective articulations gives him so much posing options! I wish future winged transformers will look at Strafe's wings as reference.

He comes with a crossbow, which is passable...

... and 2 blades. All 3 can be stored on the figure.

You can also combine the weapons to make a pretty nice bow. Overall, he's great. If Hasbro made some minor adjustments, he'd pretty much be the best deluxe of the movie line. Pick him up!
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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  1. Nice to hear the movie was good and that toy there looks great!