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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Marvel Legends Guardian of the Galaxy Nova and Iron Man

I've never read Nova's series except his appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy. But from what i've read of him, he's basically Marvel's Green Lantern except more competent. There was already an older Marvels Legends of Nova but that one was pretty much crap. So when Hasbro announced that they were doing a Guardians of the Galaxy legends, everyone was waiting with bated breath for an updated Nova. And Hasbro delivered something beautiful.

Hasbro has done something great with their shiny plastic. From their medicore Heroic Age Iron Man, to their pretty good Iron Patriot, Hasbro finally managed to get their shiny metallic plastic to look good on Nova. The sculpt is pretty good as well, managing to be simple yet detailed at once.

Articulations are what you would expect from modern Marvel Legends, but what stands out are the shoulder pauldrons. They're actually articulated!!! They're still simple hinges but atleast it won't look as awkward as the older legends.

Check out the back of the armor, it's beautiful!

I just wish Hasbro would release comic Star-lord as a regular release to go along with him instead of making Star-lord a SDCC exclusive. Which means  i have no chance of obtaining it unless i pay a stupid sum of money.

Now to the weaker or should i say the weakest release of the wave, Iron Man. I have no idea why except maybe to coax children to buy him, that Hasbro would include Iron Man in a Guardians of Galaxy Marvel Legends wave. I know he's in the Marvel NOW Guardians of Galaxy, but he's such an unnecessary  release. Guardians of Galaxy fan wouldn't want him, kids don't care bout this version of Iron Man, the only good thing i can say is that he came with the Groot piece. I wouldn't have bought him otherwise. Infact i'm trying to sell him off.

 The sculpting is kinda gummy, the details are not as crisp as it should look on an armor. That coupled with the crappy paint apps make him look like a gummy candy. Articulations, like Nova above, is pretty standard, except his shoulder pieces are on swivels.

I really don't have much to say bout him. A medicore figure all around, he's probably the least favorite of the Guardians of Galaxy legends. So to sum it up, buy Nova avoid Iron Man... unless you're trying to build Groot like me, but still, you should sell him off as soon as possible.
Anyway, thanks for viewing

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  1. Nova equals awesome here while that Iron Man not so much.