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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Voyager Autobot Roadbuster

Like Whirl, Roadbuster was another mech from the Armored Trooper Dorvack called Mugen Callibur. And like Whirl, he was bought to the Transformers' franchise and renamed Roadbuster. He was basically the gun nut of the Wreckers group, but besides that i know next to nothing bout him.

He looks like he could run over a brick wall! Looking like an armored truck, he features alot of peg holes for his various weapons and plenty of paint apps.

Hasbro even bothered to paint wheels' rims which is a nice touch. Love the bright orange!

Look at this handsome bot! Sharp angles, symmetrical squares and big broad chest, he looks like a brusier! Hasbro also decided to give him ratcheting joints everywhere, which is weird, but i don't really mind since they're way way better than Prime Shockwave's. Articulations he has plenty but because of his armored thighs, he has a limited range to his hips. Otherwise, it's great.

And the weapons! So much weapons! He's probably toe to toe with movie Hound as the most armed Transformer, and unlike Whirl's accessories, they actually look like they belong on Roadbuster instead of indistinguishable guns.

A rocket launcher, rifle, scope, pistol, and 2 unique shoulder cannons, all of them features peg holes to combine on whatever mode you want.

He's a good size too, looks great paired with his wrecker buddy Whirl and Springer.

He has ZERO kibbles!

He's pretty great, a solid addition to the new generations line definitely worth the purchase. He's probably the more sought after in his wave, so grab him if you do see him. You won't regret it... probably.
Anyway thanks for viewing

Before i forget, you might wanna be careful with his shoulders when transforming him. His shoulders are connected with a tiny metal pin on the wall of his shoulders. It's already showing stress marks on mine after transforming twice, so be careful with that.

EDIT: Just found out you could make a sniper rifle out of all the guns, AWESOME!


  1. So buying one of these when I find one along with Whirl these are two of my all time favorites. Did you order yours or did you pick it up locally?

  2. I picked mine up from a local retailer

    1. Cool i will keep my eyes out for one around my area too.

  3. If I buy Roadbuster I have to get Whirl, and if I get Whirl instead I'd have to get Roadbuster.