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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Neca 12" Godzilla 1985

Third time's the charm as they say. Neca has blown me away with their Godzilla releases from Godzilla 2014 to Godzilla 1994, but their latest Godzilla may be the very best one! His release was actually delayed to Malaysia, and i thought i'll have to import him but thank god he finally came. Was it wait worth it? YES YES and YES!

Based on The Return of Godzilla suit, Godzilla 1985 is skinnier and looks abit more sinister compared to Godzilla 1994. The details are amazing, with the skin textures beautifully sculpted. He's also subtly painted with blue highlights which brings out the details even more.

As much as i love Godzilla 1994, i can't deny that his neck brace is really distracting. Fortunately Godzilla 1985 doesn't have this problem, his neck's articulations are cleverly sculpted to look like folds and it works so much better than Godzilla 1994's neck brace.

Probably unintentionally, his eyes are painted a bit far apart. Normally this would suck but on Godzilla 1985, i don't mind it as much because the original suit did have those eyes.

Dorsal fins are thinner and smaller than Godzilla 1994.

He looks good posed with the revoltech Anguirus and Gigan.

Among the 3, he's probably my favourite, I couldn't think of anything else that could be improved. It's just that good. If Neca keeps this quality up, i can't wait for future Godzilla releases. Now to desperately wait for Godzilla 1954.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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