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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Neca Pacific Rim Wave 4 Hong Kong Brawl Gypsy Danger

Since buying Knifehead 2.0, i was anticipating Neca's new Gypsy Danger with bated breath. Now i finally have her in hand, i'm... kinda dissapointed...

Don't get me wrong, she's leagues above the old Gypsy Danger and she looks really really good. It's just... articulation wise she's no better than the first one but more on that later.

Like i said, Gypsy looks really really good. With plenty of sculpted details and clean paint apps, she's a sight to behold. I especially like the details on the shoulders and calves.

Check out all the details on the back, FANTASTIC!

But now for the bad parts, the articulations. Gypsy Danger has pretty great range in the knees thanks to double hinges. The elbow, torso, toes and wrist are nothing spectacular though. The problems are the shoulders and hips, which are on ball joints but thanks to the design, they are pretty much just swivels. Pretty much the same problem with Coyote Tango. Not much action poses you can put her in.

Atleast she comes with a bunch of accessories though unlike the rest of the Pacific Rim releases. First up, is the chain-sword which plugs into tabs that are in both of the wrist. It's a tight fit because the sword is tad too thick, but otherwise not a bad accessory.

Next is the boat shown when Gypsy Danger used it on Otachi. It's a pretty hefty thing. The details are not as sharp and crisp as Gypsy herself and the paint is not cleanly applied as well, though the sculpted hand prints to enable Gypsy to hold is pretty cool. Overall it's nothing to write home about.

Finally she comes with 2 fists. They're beautifully sculpted, but the balljoints are a little bigger than the balljoints on the default hands. It actually made the hole larger and now the default hands are loose on mine... I don't know if it's just the problem on mine or it's a widespread flaw. Just becareful when you try to plug it in.

All in all, it's not a bad figure... just an underwhelming one. You think that after the fantastic Cherno Alpha, Neca would make Gypsy Danger even better, but alas. Still she looks good on display, just don''t expect her to be able to do action poses.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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