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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Marvel Legends Guardian of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Every team needs a weapons expert and a muscle bruiser and Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the dynamic duo of the Guardians of Galaxy. Rocket Raccoon was a genetically engineered raccoon with human intelligence to maintain an insane asylum colony. He was recruited by Peter aka Star-Lord, his friend to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot meanwhile was a being from Planet X called a Flora Colossus that was exiled for defending an abused maintenance creature. He joined the Guardians of the Galaxy to earn his freedom after being incarcerated by the Kree. Soon Rocket Raccoon and Groot became inseparable. Now then, that's enough of backstory, to the toys!!!

 Groot is the best BAF Hasbro has offered in quite awhile. While lacking in paint he is loaded with details. Standing around 9 inches, he's pretty hefty, towering above the rest of his team mates. With a somber expression and crazy amount of details in the bark texture, i really love how he looks. Though he'd benefit with a dark wash.

Articulation is standard of recent Legends with swivel foot and all. The only complaint is the hips which are limited because it uses swivels instead of ball joints, but i don't really miss it since he just looks so awesome.

Rocket Raccoon is somewhat what you'll expect if you have the comic version and yet i'm still kinda disappointed. He looks too relaxed or neutral for a gun toting raccoon. It's not a bad expression per say, it's just not suitable for his character.

Articulations are the biggest problem here, limited head range and basic arm articulations, he can't really hold his weapon convincingly. But the worse of all, he lack ANY articulation below the waist, with the exception of a tail swivel.

He does come with the gun featured in the trailer that Star-Lord uses though.

He's tad too large in my opinion, abit larger than how he's depicted in the movie.

But there's no regret in my mind getting him to complete the BAF Groot or the team. If not for Groot, it's to complete the team. They look really good together.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Voyager Autobot Roadbuster

Like Whirl, Roadbuster was another mech from the Armored Trooper Dorvack called Mugen Callibur. And like Whirl, he was bought to the Transformers' franchise and renamed Roadbuster. He was basically the gun nut of the Wreckers group, but besides that i know next to nothing bout him.

He looks like he could run over a brick wall! Looking like an armored truck, he features alot of peg holes for his various weapons and plenty of paint apps.

Hasbro even bothered to paint wheels' rims which is a nice touch. Love the bright orange!

Look at this handsome bot! Sharp angles, symmetrical squares and big broad chest, he looks like a brusier! Hasbro also decided to give him ratcheting joints everywhere, which is weird, but i don't really mind since they're way way better than Prime Shockwave's. Articulations he has plenty but because of his armored thighs, he has a limited range to his hips. Otherwise, it's great.

And the weapons! So much weapons! He's probably toe to toe with movie Hound as the most armed Transformer, and unlike Whirl's accessories, they actually look like they belong on Roadbuster instead of indistinguishable guns.

A rocket launcher, rifle, scope, pistol, and 2 unique shoulder cannons, all of them features peg holes to combine on whatever mode you want.

He's a good size too, looks great paired with his wrecker buddy Whirl and Springer.

He has ZERO kibbles!

He's pretty great, a solid addition to the new generations line definitely worth the purchase. He's probably the more sought after in his wave, so grab him if you do see him. You won't regret it... probably.
Anyway thanks for viewing

Before i forget, you might wanna be careful with his shoulders when transforming him. His shoulders are connected with a tiny metal pin on the wall of his shoulders. It's already showing stress marks on mine after transforming twice, so be careful with that.

EDIT: Just found out you could make a sniper rifle out of all the guns, AWESOME!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Marvel Legends Guardian of the Galaxy Nova and Iron Man

I've never read Nova's series except his appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy. But from what i've read of him, he's basically Marvel's Green Lantern except more competent. There was already an older Marvels Legends of Nova but that one was pretty much crap. So when Hasbro announced that they were doing a Guardians of the Galaxy legends, everyone was waiting with bated breath for an updated Nova. And Hasbro delivered something beautiful.

Hasbro has done something great with their shiny plastic. From their medicore Heroic Age Iron Man, to their pretty good Iron Patriot, Hasbro finally managed to get their shiny metallic plastic to look good on Nova. The sculpt is pretty good as well, managing to be simple yet detailed at once.

Articulations are what you would expect from modern Marvel Legends, but what stands out are the shoulder pauldrons. They're actually articulated!!! They're still simple hinges but atleast it won't look as awkward as the older legends.

Check out the back of the armor, it's beautiful!

I just wish Hasbro would release comic Star-lord as a regular release to go along with him instead of making Star-lord a SDCC exclusive. Which means  i have no chance of obtaining it unless i pay a stupid sum of money.

Now to the weaker or should i say the weakest release of the wave, Iron Man. I have no idea why except maybe to coax children to buy him, that Hasbro would include Iron Man in a Guardians of Galaxy Marvel Legends wave. I know he's in the Marvel NOW Guardians of Galaxy, but he's such an unnecessary  release. Guardians of Galaxy fan wouldn't want him, kids don't care bout this version of Iron Man, the only good thing i can say is that he came with the Groot piece. I wouldn't have bought him otherwise. Infact i'm trying to sell him off.

 The sculpting is kinda gummy, the details are not as crisp as it should look on an armor. That coupled with the crappy paint apps make him look like a gummy candy. Articulations, like Nova above, is pretty standard, except his shoulder pieces are on swivels.

I really don't have much to say bout him. A medicore figure all around, he's probably the least favorite of the Guardians of Galaxy legends. So to sum it up, buy Nova avoid Iron Man... unless you're trying to build Groot like me, but still, you should sell him off as soon as possible.
Anyway, thanks for viewing

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Transformers Generations Deluxe Rattrap

Rattrap was never among my favorite transformers from Beast Wars. He was annoying and his voice was grating to my ears. But since Hasbro released the new voyager Rhinox, it's only a matter of time before they revisit the Maximals. At first, I was kinda meh to the announcement of Rattrap but as time passed, more and more glowing reviews started pouring in and my interested was piqued. So is he as good as they say? Yes, yes he is.

Right off the bat, Rattrap looks disgustingly realistic. Seriously, those hands and legs creep me out. Articulation wise he's has basic swivel arms and hands, minor thighs and foot swivels, opening jaw and bendable tail. The surprise here is that Rattrap is able to look down, with a flap behind the head that covers the neck when he does.

He's able to stand up like what he did in the show, though his under belly aren't covered.

He is a tad oversized, more so than the show standing next to the previous release.

Honestly, the robot mode is as accurate as you can ask for. I have no complaints bout the sculpt 'cept the rat ears might be tad too large in bot mode. I'm kinda iffed bout the rubber joint they used for shoulders as well, it's a soft rubber and although not as bad as the new Marvel Legends, it's pretty weird.

His back is basically his entire alt mode on, but i have no idea how else they could have did it. I wish they made they back to have a peg though, it's not as secure as i want it to be.

Check out the head! It's superbly done and i LOVE the transparent dome!

Articulation is basic here, though the arms not able to bend more than 60-ish? degrees. His legs are already much much better than Dinobot's legs are and i'm so glad for that, it's my only complaint bout the generations Dinobot. He comes with a transparent gun he sports in the show which...

...is able to separate to 2 pistols!

And check this out, hiis left forearm, opens up to reveal another accessory, the hotbox! It's a bomb he carries around in the show and i love Hasbro for including minor details like this. Just shows how much love and effort was poured into the new Generations line.

Though i might not be a fan of Rattrap, i'll still admit what's a good toy when i see one, and Rattrap here is great. With an amazingly accurate sculpt,  he's a must have for Beast Wars fan.  And if you aren't a fan of the show, you can just buy him to scare people with his creepy rat mode.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!